Though I used to be an impulsive shopper, nowadays I’m trying to be self-conscious instead, which means I usually search for more alternatives, write wishlists (from where I often erase things for sure), think about other options and finally, when I shop, I decide guardedly. I’m trying to do my best to keep tabs on my reactions and shopping habits in order to avoid buying to many ‘love-at-first-sight’ kindof clothes and accessories that I won’t even wear later on. I’m on my way to focus on practical, easily variable basics, and shop only those clothes that I’ll certainly use when they’ll be out of fashion too. Since many of you’ve already asked to write about money-saving shopping tricks and cheap outfit ideas, I collected my own tips based on my personal experiences. Hope you’ll find them helpful and these lines will also help you to be more conscious, even if we’re all fashion lovers! 🙂

One of the simplest things is comparing the prices. Yes, you’re right, it’s not a complicated tip, but we’re all tend to forget it. Cause when we’d like to buy a new pair of skinny jeans, some basic tops or simple white pants, it should be useful to do some research in order to find the best price. It takes some time for sure, but it can help us to save pretty much money at the end. So if you have time, don’t hesitate, visit all the online and offline shops you like, and compare the prices!

During the research for the perfect item, it’s worth the time looking through the online stores too. Luckily we are more and more who don’t afraid shopping online, because the amazing, huge world of the online stores is multifarious – there are countless opportunities and items, that are unavailable in the local stores. Here are some examples:

For plus – size ladies the collection of the Asos Curve & Plus Size would be a real paradise, you can pick many clothes from the latest fashion trend. If that’s not enough, there are a wide choice of unique accessories, including our favourites, these extraordinary and trendy belts. Asos ships worldwide free, even if you order only one item. I have ordered a lot of times from them, the shipping is fast (maximum 5-10 working days), the quality is high, the page is trustworthy, the costumer service is helpful and always helps you to solve every kind of problem quick. In case of size problems all items could be sent back, but this case buyers bears the costs for sure.

Those, who are looking for cheaper alternatives, Sheinside would be a great choice.There is no secret, this webshop offers mostly Chinese clothes, but in contrast with many of the local Chinese stores these items are not only cheap but pretty fashionable. One part of the products are similar to Inditex clothes, but they have a much lower price and fine quality. We usually order from this shop, and we’re generally satisfied with the quality of the clothes, especially love their basic blouses, cropped tops, faux leather jackets and skirts. Anyway, pay attention by skirts and dresses and look carefully the written sizes, because sometimes you have to order a smaller or a bigger one, than you usually need from other stores.

Another worthy page is Mango Outlet online, where now you can save 20%. The main point on this store that you can buy the former collections of the local shops at a very good price. From my point of view it’s better than offline Mango outlets, because there’re more sizes and greater supply of clothes. Original Mango jewellries from less than 2 EUR, bags from 13 EUR, blazers and jackets from 20-25 EUR.

Moreover, we also love and bravely recommend for instance Forever21, Boohoo, River Island and Choies online stores as well.

Smart shoppers make lists, heft, compare, give points, and later make the final, well-considered decision. Maybe this is the most effective way to avoid buying useless stuff. As a reader I also love blogs, fashion-oriented pages and magazines, and I often felt that I have to buy all the clothes right now without hesitating, or thinking about that it looks good on me, or could I easily combinate them with my wardrobe items. Sometimes I carried home things that I couldn’t even buy by myself.
Then I’ve changed my mind, and developed a new method. Got a little notebook (even if it’s the 21st century and we’re full of electronic stuff I prefer writing down my thoughts), and started to write down my wishes. At the same time I opened an ‘Inspications’ folder on my computer, and saved every look that inspired me. It’s shocking, but if you wait a couple of weeks, dozens of outfits and thereby a dozen of clothes become unwanted. So it’s worth waiting with buying your desired items, thinking through your wishlist a little bit, and finally, getting the necessary things only.

It’s not a secret that our ultimate aim is to emphasize that basic clothes are very important to have in every women’s closet. We think that we all need clothes that are easy to combine and can be used on weekdays, but also great for every occassion. If you’re interested in what kind of basics we recommend for this season, visit our blogpost called BASICS SS14 here >>

Anyway, the best thing in these basic clothes is the fact noone will ever know where we ‘ve bought them. A nice pair of jeans or a beautiful white blouse can be bought at popular stores eg. Zara, in a local Chinese shop or can be thrift-shopped too. No mather where we find our basics, if they fit perfectly, with the perfect accessories we’ll look extra gorgeous and trendy in them. As you look through our fashion blog you can see we have nothing but wardrobe basics – but we always combine them with extraordinary accessories such as bold statement necklaces, oversize cuffs, stacked bracelets, rings parties etc. We all need basics on which we can build our outfits, but also need bold and special accessories to make our look super special! If you prefer safe plays, you should choose pearl necklaces, rhinestoned jewelleries or simple golden blingblings, because probably they’ll never be out of fashion. But if you love to be brave and bold, stay tunned, cause we’ll show you the newest accessories trends soon! 🙂

It’s one of the most common problems that we can’t say no to those cheap and / or beautiful clothes we fell in love with – even if they don’t fit at all! We shouldn’t give these clothes a loving home in our closet, so here are my five shopping tips to minimize unworn purchases:

1, Never buy clothes that are too tight or you can’t wear without Spanx!
Can’t even count how many times I’ve heard (and said for sure) that ‘Omg, that’s so cheap, it’ll perfect after loosing some weight!’ or ‘This time I’ll learn to walk in these beauties!’ But later on we won’t start that diet, and for sure, we won’t wear the perfect high heels instead of walking in our comfy flats. These clothes and accessories will live a sad, lonely life in a dark corner in the back of our closet. And after several years pass, we’ll realize the ugly truth: ‘They’re out of fashion and I don’t wanna wear them at all!’
So this is time to avoid these situations and buy things that fit you perfectly! But don’t forget the most important thing:

2, It needs tailoring and you know you’re the kind of person who never actually gets tailoring done.
So many fit problems can be solved with tailoring, but in order to fix something with tailoring, you have to take it to a great tailor that is so hard to find. What’s more reshaping clothes might be an expensive thing to do, so if you’re not an old roadster in Do – It -Yourself, it’d be better to avoid buying clothes that need repairing or tailoring.

3, Don’t bring clothes home that you don’t know what you’ll wear with!
One of the best things is when we find something beautiful that fits, what’s more that’s not only extraordinary and lovely but cheap as well . So what will we do immediately? Yeah, sure, run to the cashier, bring our new lovie home and can’t wait for Monday to show our schoolmates or colleagues our new purchase. And then, when the new week arrives we realize the disappointing fact: ‘Gosh, I have absolutely no ideas what to wear with!’
So it might be useful to – before buying – think of some outfit ideas with the clothes you’ve chosen. If one or two looks pass through your mind in the changing room, go ahead and buy it! But if not, leave it in the shop. Even if you just think you’d eventually figure out something they go with, but trust me, you never will!

4, Don’t go for it, if it doesn’t look good from the back!
If you try clothes on, always make sure that it looks good from the back and sideways too. Though in mirrors you can watch your front only, people can see everything, don’t forget!

5, Buy clothes and accessories that you can wear confidently!
If you go shopping, always buy clothes and accessories that you can wear confidently in the street later on. If you don’t like cut out tops or short skirts, avoid them! There’s only one important rule: feel comfortable and happy in the clothes you wear! When you have enough time, take some heels or flats into the fitting room too, and try them with the chosen clothes. Find time to walk in front of the mirrors and note your reactions while looking at your shadow. If you’d say ‘Wow, who’s that sexy girl!?’ don’t hesitate, but if you feel like ‘Well, umm, dunno…’ put the most important question up to yourself: ‘Do I want to wear this tomorrow?’