Style and Blog is a personal and fashion blog written by a fashionista. The blog was launched in March 2012. The site is about outfits, fashion-, make up- and hair tips among other topics about beauty. I share stories and lots of pictures about fashion, lifestyle, but sometimes there are personal articles about the positive view of life.

I both try to be very creative and share our ideas, I love brainstormings and I always have lots of plans. I live in London, and Im going to the University where I economics and psychology.

My Message: I would like to remind every girl that looking good is about creativity. We have to combine our clothes, try to make them up with accessories. We often show variations, which helps create new looks. We hope that we can help our readers to become more self-confident by harmonic clothing. I would like to show my readers, that creative, choosy clothing is good. Self-confidence and positive ideology comes with harmony inside, and outside too. These two reinforce each other.
On the blog I show clothes, outfits that are available for most of the readers. I would like to show the first few steps that our readers can get in the swing of clothing, the beauty of variations. I would be happy if with my little help and inspiration every Style and Blog reader would become more self-confident in their everyday life!