Hello dolls,

It took a while my dears, but finally we are here again with a brand new post about 2014/15 Fall/Winter fashion trends. We’ve tried to summarize the most important new manias, so the post is about dresses and accessories that’ll be fashionable this season, prints and colours that conquered the catwalks. What’s more, as always, we’re doing our best to translate these new trends to the beautiful language of every day fashion. So this post can be devided into 6 main units:

In the Classic fall/winter trends part we show you the -all – time classics that you can perfectly combine later on too.
In the next episode called New Trends 2014/15 Fall/Winter you can read about the absolute new-ins eg. rhinestoned sweaters and calf-lenght coats.
The third part contains the trendy Prints and Patterns,
while in the Colours and Shades section we suggest you the most fashionable shades of the season.
Finally – in the All about the shoes part – we look into the latest shoetrends,
and last but not least we show you the most important Jewelleries and other accessories too.

We honestly hope that you will find this lond guide loveable and useful, and also hope that it will help you to think through your Fall/Winter wardrobe and maybe to make a wishlist. Have a good browsing my beautidul dears! 🙂

Fluffy fur vests and coats are the things you can’t skip when it’s wintertime. Without doubt these are one of the most practical Fall/Winter basics since they’re easy to combine, elegant and warm at the same time. You can wear them with almost everything, speaking of skinny jeans or A-lined skirts, so it’s time to find your favourite one 🙂

In the mid-season it’s gonna be useful to have an ‘I’ll just pick up something and let’sgo’ jackets. Mostly they are made of black faux leather, but this year feel free to get them in different pastel colours too. They’re pretty practical: perfectly substitute blazers, cheer up your outfits and help you to survive morging colds. And when it gets warmer during the day, just tie them around your waist. Voila, what a stylish chic!

There’s no need to explain why to have them, knitwears are the alphas and omegas of our winter outfits. Essential and always fashionable basics.


All black from head to toe – the lifesaver fashion tip of our clueless mornings. You just can’t go wrong by using only black: it’s chic, elegant, and super hot all day all night.

This season – beside faux leather jackets and fur vests – calf – lenght or XXL coats are one of the most fashionable winter wears. It seems like it’ll be a long term relationship between this new trend and us since they match fancy with not just high-heels, but slipons and sneakers as well. We just love this trend! 🙂

This fall everything can be trendy with a little zipper decoration. It’s time to wear jeans, faux leather skirts and boots decorated with non-functional zippers. Huge advantage that you can trend up your old skirts with some golden zip at home. Let’s do-it-yourselfs begin!

Welcome back, sweet 60’s! Dolly-bird dresses dominated the fall 2014’s runways and are must-haves today. They’re perfect transitional pieces for this fall since they’re not only easy to combine eg. with biker jackets, denims or knitted cardigans, but comfy to wear too. What’s more, it’s enough to find a beautiful, shinny belt to make the casual dress special and pretty girly.

It’s time to get sophisticated with matching pieces again. Though matchy – matchy used to mean something trite, now it’s allowed to play with colours again. Anyway, it’s still pretty important to be careful when you accord similar shades and patterns – always be imaginative and unique, never boring!

The biggest change in this season’s that statement jewelleries take a bit of back seat, while dresses adorned with jewels such as pearls and rhinestones take the lead. The offer of the stores is really diversed, you can find simpler sweaters decorated with only golden chains and fully rhinestoned ones too.

For the lovers of rhinestones we totally recommend the new collection of Prieston (by Noémi Nagy), her beautiful cocktail dresses are perfect for proms and elegant events. What’s more, we’re very proud of our lovely and talented Hungarian designer who rocked the Fashion Week’s catwalk in Wien and London.

The newest Fall/Winter 2014/2015’s collections were dreamy and imaginative – in a beautiful, bejeweled maxi dress you’ll definitely be the fashion queen of the prom.

Floral prints are not just spring phenomenon any more, they appear this autumn as well. Fall flowers combined with darker shades and earth colors always make your daily looks special and girly.

As for the colors, feel free to move out of your comfort zone and leave the darker shades of brown, black, burgundy or khaki. It’s trendy to wear clothes with more vivid colors. It’s time to cheer up the weather with some neon pulovers and huge, knitted scarves 🙂

It’s not a big secret that my favourite trend of all the mentioned ones is the expansion of pastel shades. Thanks to the newest fashion waves the stores are full of white, nude, baby pink and beige clothes and accessories. Here comes the fluffy pastel fur vests, white pants and super soft beanies and scarves. Yaaay!

This season – as you can felt it at the rhinestoned clothes session – is all about shine and glamour. And as we all know, nothing shines brighter than gold, so it’s high time for golden detailed accessories and clothes: skirts, blazers, dresses and tops to conquer the shops. And our wardrobes for sure.

But don’t forget the main rule: try to wear these statement items with simple , patternless garbs – cause you know sometimes less is more 🙂

Marc Jacobs

As I mentioned above, you can wear bravely everything that shines so bright. Beside the goldmine trend rose gold and silver are still in fashion. In addition – beyond the bejeweled clothes and accessories – the sequined items are back in trend again.

Beside pastel shades and gold rush there are two main colors of the 2014/15 Fall/Winter season: dark blue and emerald green. I think that both of them’re all time classics: so elegant and feminine. Well, let’s welcome them with all of our hearts.

The shoe trend of this season is all about extreme motifs, boldness and specials. Just like the dresses, the decorated and funny high heels are main caracters of the Fall.

Beside bald decoration, in 2014/15 Fall/Winter patterns are also try to be unique: colorful snake prints, shiny golden scales and baroque motifs. Trendy materials are the leather, maybe faux leather.

If you are looking for a comfy, but trendy shoes, slipons are definitely your best friends…

… but if you are in love with feminine boots, don’t stop by the ancle, because this Fall the most trendy boots are way above the knee.

Finally, if you literally want to dress like a fashion maniac, cut out boots is the kind of boots, that you have to wear.

In this season accessory trends are not really contain emphatic jewels. However, statement necklaces (read more about them here >>) and layering mini necklaces (read more about them here >>) naturally are still in fashion. The main reason of the absence of new jewel fashion wave, that the decorated dresses (with golden chains, rhinestones of sequins) are flashy and jeweled enough, and make additional accessories unnecessary.

Even if this Fall’s jewel trends are not so flashy, luckily there is a new and loveable wave, the hat mania. More and more feminine hats appear in the stores in the last weeks. They can perfectly cheer up a simple jeans – top – coat outfits, and can cover a missed morning shampooing for a short time. Don’t forget to wear them! 🙂

This season speciality are pairless earrings. The meaning of this trend is that you should wear a statement (mostly a longer one) in one of your ear, and put nothing in the other but a tiny little pearl.
In our opinion, this style can be really hot with a sideway combed hair or a one shoulder sweater.