We don’t usually talk about lingerie trends in normal trend reports, but a well-chosen bra is as important part of your daily outfit than any other kind of clothes.

Bras are important and can’t be dismissed, it’s role is to cover and hold or gently shape our breasts. As we wear it day by day, it’s important to choose carefully: look for the right size, shape, fabric, and color, to find the best match for you.

In the following article we will talk about different shapes and sizes that match special kinds of breasts, and will discuss which are the pieces, that everybody should have in their wardrobes.

Small breasted women are usually dissatisfied with their breast’s sizes, although they shouldn’t be, because luckily they have lot more opportunities to wear chic bras or dresses.

They can create beautiful cleavage with push up bras that have wires and pads. These pieces make the breasts look bigger, sometimes 2 cups larger as they are, and they shape the breasts look very dense.

If you don’t like push up bras, you can choose beautiful decorated items that optically increase the sizes of your breasts, no matter if you choose dots, stripes, lace or other kind of decoration.

Victoria’s secret

An important advantage of smaller breasts is that you can easily wear strapless tops, or dresses with open back, it’s enough to put on an invisible nipple cover or shaper.

You have to wear bra every day, if you have larger breasts. It’s good to know that the main strap that holds the weight of your beauties are not those on your shoulder, but the back strap. This is why you have to be very careful when selecting in the stores, try to find a bra that has wide straps on your back, and try to choose one that is exactly your size. Please never use silicon straps, they just look ugly, and there is nothing worse than flashing an old, used, yellow silicon strap in the sunshine.

If you have real big boobs, you can try minimizer bras, which makes your breasts look one size smaller by tying them down to your body. This special bra can be good for turtle necks or skinnier shirts, try it!

We don’t like to talk about it, but some women have breasts that might hang a little lower than others’. Luckily there are bras that are perfect for this type, and makes these breasts look amazing. Well, it’s important to know, which the best shape is for you, so let’s go to a store and try on some different types to see which the best is for you. There are bras which hold your breasts stronger at the sides, while others hold it from under by pushing them a little higher, these are the shell shaped bras.

And now let’s see which are the basic styles that every women should have. We must purchase at least one white, a black and a nude color bra that matches the shape of our breasts. First choose simple styles without any decoration, because you can wear these bras with every different styles of tops. Of course, after these three there are the classic and sexy lace bras that are even so basic.

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If you want to follow the newest trends, you might want to wear some extreme bras that make a statement from under your half shoulder sweatshirt, decorated with embroidery, lace or other stuff. Corset and other sexy lingerie are very trendy these times, especially with high waist skirts, blazers, biker jackets or knitted cardigans.

How to find out your size?
It’s very important to choose a bra which exactly your size is. Determining your size is easy, all you have to know is a short formula and two measures of your body. Bra size contains a number and an alphabet. The number shows the circumference of your trunk right under your breasts, and the alphabet shows how big cup you need. When measuring your trunk under your breasts, you should choose a size which is the closest to your measurement, that is if you measure 77, than you should choose size 75. this is only because the sizes are multiples of 5. -If you want to know which cup to choose, you also have to measure your bust where it is the largest. Thank you have to substract your trunks data from your bust, than you got a number. If that number is under 12, choose A size cup. If it’s between 12-14, choose B. 14-16 choose C and so on.
For example, if your measuress are 77 cm under your breasts and your bust is 92 cm, than your ideal bra size is 75C.

Tip! When you buy a bra, set it to the largest size, because later you will be able to set it closer, and you can use it longer!