It’s the middle of the summer and the festival season, which makes us very happy because we love to party all night long outside, which we can do only at festivals. Every year we are waiting for our two favorites, Sziget Festival in Budapest and Campus Festival in Debrecen. The last one starts this week at a new location, around the brand new stadium of Debrecen. As festivals get closer we think more about what to wear and what to bring that is practical and trendy at the same time.
In this article we collect a few things that we think are popular these days at festivals among clothes and accessories, and we give some advice what we think you should bring when visiting one here in Hungary or anywhere in the World. Have fun!

One of the most liked and disliked trend this season is hairbands and crowns. It’s not a secret that we love flower headbands, we are pretty sure we will wear some flowers in our hair at the festivals. There is a huge variety of hair accessories, we can choose smaller or larger flowers, colorful or one color. There are different styles in stores like H&M, Bijou Brigitte, Tally Weijl, and of course there are lots of others online. If you have plenty of time, let’s do it yourself! You can create wonderful flower hairbands at home, and there are lots of tutorials on the Internet. Retro head bands are even popular, so if you don’t like flowers but would like to put something in your hair, try that! I saw some of these in Stradivarius for discounted price.

A perfectly chosen hat is not only a great accessory, but it also protects you from the hot sunshine whether you are a girl or a boy. Just like headbands, hats are available in lots of different colors and styles, matching everyone’s taste. Be careful about the size, pick one that never falls, even if you shake your head to the bass. If you are a sports girl, you can ear baseball hats, that would be a great choice too. 😉

Festival sunglasses are usually more extreme than their everyday mates. Shiny colors, huge sizes are welcome, the extremer the better, at least I love catchy styles. This season’s favorite are mirrored lens in every colors of the rainbow, and of course we will probably see a lot of heart shaped glasses, which is one everlasting festival piece.

Perfect choice this season is the crop top which is very popular these days. These shorter tops with high waisted shorts or skirts are loved by young fashionistas festival freaks. Choose one made of comfortable, breathable fabric which is the best in a hot weather like this. Lace, written or tassel tops are as popular as crop tops, choose that you like the most.

If you think crop top lets people see too much, or you think the nights are getting a little cold, you should bring a kimono or thin cardigan with you, just to put it on your shoulder when you need it. These items are easy to fold up, so it won’t be difficult to hide them in your bag. Choose pretty floral patterns, so you can make up the simplest outfit.

During these hot days of summer we suggest skirts, dresses and shorts, which we think is the most comfortable and practical for a festival. In the stores we can find now the ripped jeans style with high waist, the lace, and the extremer spiked or tasseled shorts.
Wear it with a crop top, or a cool tank, so we get a simple outfit which we can spice with some fashion able accessories.

Tassels are very pretty and complete our festival set, and it doesn’t matter whether we wear them on our top, skirt, shorts, or bag. We saw tasseled clothes and accessories in several stores, so you must check in more stores before choosing your favorite. This style is always a come-back, so don’t hesitate to get some, you will need it later! 😉

For festivals we suggest bags which are safe and comfortable. Don’t choose too big, because it might disturb you when you dance at the night, and don’t choose too small, so you can put all your stuff in the bag you need. I would prefer a backpack or a cool shoulder bag, but unfortunately I haven’t found the best match so far.

We think the most important festival accessoris which we take with us this year, are the camera, because the best pictures are always made at festivals! Don’t forget to take enough memory cards and batteries! We must bring our phone with a safe protecting case. We will take our sunglasses with case, some tissues, Orbit chewing gums which are important after the famous traditional Hungarian food, langos, and we take the festival’s programme. We sneak some make-up products in our bags like lipstick and powder. These are enough to fresh our look. We shouldn’t take our everyday wallet, just themost important things, and money, although the biggest festivals like Sziget use their own credit cards so we have to take only that in our pockets.

You just can’t go to a festival without an armparty set of bracelets, necklaces or rings. When you wear earrings and necklaces, don’t forget to choose lighter pieces, because they are more comfortable when you dance. And of course don’t forget to wear lots of rings, it’s fun!

You should bring trainers espadrilles or boots for the evenings, when you watch your favorite band in the crowd. You should also bring a pair of sandals for the days, because they are much comfortable.

Festivals are usually full of extreme and interesting stuff that could be anything coming opposite us in the colorful festival crowd. We let your imagination create these items, wefocus on more useful things we think we should take with us to a festival.

We hope you liked the post, and found it inspiring! Come to some festivals if you like and let’s meet, come and say hi if you see us! We always like to meet you! Have a great party!