Hi there! Only one month is left till it’s spring, and February will be gone fast, so it’s time to collect the newest 2015 spring-summer trends. There are all time classics among the new trends which are present every year, but there are also big comebacks, and of course brand new styles. Come and see what’s new with us, we hope this article will be inspiring for you before the new season shopping trips.

Michael Kors

White shirt that is one of the most classic item, was in focus on several fashion shows, just like denim, which comes this year not only as jeans but also as skirt and top. Stripes were always favorites of designers, but this time they receive even more attention. Stripes come this year in an unusual way to our clothes, and the positioning will be very important. It may seem a little boring, but there is no spring without flowers and lace, these two are very important signs of the new season. Among summer dresses will be the focus on pastel colors and soft flowing materials this year.

Among comebacks there are trends that were present before, and we won’t forget them this year either: crop-tops, fringes, ruffles, military style khaki clothes and metallic shiny items.

Most important color of the year is white with its simplicity and elegance. We will combine white with black or blue. These two combinations were seen on several spring-summer fashion shows. This year it’s allowed to wear white from head to toe, and if you want a truly vibrating, powerful color, choose yellow!

Now let’s see what are the news, the trends that play the main role this season. Everything will be in style that is about Japan, japan motivs, signs, or kimonos will be available in shops and online stores. Asymmetrical clothes, dresses, skorts and skirts will be very popular. We will show our shoulders this time, because off-shoulder or half shoulder tops make our spring-summer outfits exciting. Light trenches will be trendy made of light materials with pastel colors. The new collections bring buttoned up tops like blouses or shirts, turtle neck becomes popular. This spring and summer every clothes with gingham are very trendy. The retro feeling will be compensated with modern cuts. There is one thing left I want to mention. A brand new layering technique is that they pull a skirt on top of trousers. We don’t know yet if this is only for runways, but anyway we have to get prepared. Do you dare to try it?


Coat season is here again! As the weather turns cold, our blazers and jackets are replaced to warmer coats. These are very dominant parts of the fall/winter outfits, that’s why we thought we should create a whole post in which we discuss different colors and styles that are very popular this season.

First we should talk about classic basics. Everybody must have at least one black, elegant coat made of wool or fabric which looks good with almost every winter outfits. This year we can choose colorful styles – baby pink, light pastels or brown.

The popular trenchcoat is back in style, beige or powder pink, ankle or mid-thigh-length. This coat is elegant and simple, yet we can see more and more trenches in sporty, lazy outfits.

One big comeback this year is parka. It is not accidentaly so popular, it’s comfortable, practical and warm, even in the coldest winter days. It’s usually medium long, it has large pockets and hood with fur.


Probably the most popular items this season are wrapped coats with huge collar and a belt made of the coats’ material. These are quite warm wears, because usually they’re made of high quality wool.

In the coldest days the best choice is a feather coat. Although this isn’t the most feminine style, with a belt at the waist line it can be very beautiful. Last year Mango and Zara had beautiful feather coats with belt and nice fur hood. We hope this year will be the same and there will be some eyecatching products in some stores.

Although vests aren’t part of the coat category, we thought we should talk about them anyway, because they are very good in the cold with a jacket or a warm sweater when the weather is not extremely cold. In this season among dark colors we can find lighter shades as well.

There are planty of faux fur coats this year in the stores with different colors and patterns. Don’t forget to wear these coats with skinny bottoms or skirts, so it can make your look chic and classy, while erasing the coats’ strengthening effect.

Oversize is also in style this time. This style creates a rough, lazy look for those who wear it. Be careful! Chose your own size. Oversize means that your own size will look larger as usual!

After styles let’s talk about colors. Of course there is the black, but also powder pink and grey, pastel, light colors, white and brown are classy this season. Lovers of earth shades can be happy, because those shades are very stylish this time.

After colors here are the patterns. Animal patterns, mostly leopard is a great choice, like every fall. It’s feminine but also daring at the same time, this is why some of us don’t like it or wear it only on accessories. If you are curious you should try it with simple pieces, so that the outcome will be chic and nice.

Not only animal patterns, but plaid coats in the colors of the rainbow, and also black and white pieces are good ideas. Which one would you like to wear?

These were this season’s most popular styles, cuts, patterns and colors. We hope that you could find some inspiring tips. The palette is very wide, everybody should find their favorites.

TIP! Always keep in mind, that loose styles should be worn with skinny bottoms, which make the outfits look harmonic. Shorter girls should choose shorter styles, because longer pieces would damage their proportions.

Have a beautiful evening!


We don’t usually talk about lingerie trends in normal trend reports, but a well-chosen bra is as important part of your daily outfit than any other kind of clothes.

Bras are important and can’t be dismissed, it’s role is to cover and hold or gently shape our breasts. As we wear it day by day, it’s important to choose carefully: look for the right size, shape, fabric, and color, to find the best match for you.

In the following article we will talk about different shapes and sizes that match special kinds of breasts, and will discuss which are the pieces, that everybody should have in their wardrobes.

Small breasted women are usually dissatisfied with their breast’s sizes, although they shouldn’t be, because luckily they have lot more opportunities to wear chic bras or dresses.

They can create beautiful cleavage with push up bras that have wires and pads. These pieces make the breasts look bigger, sometimes 2 cups larger as they are, and they shape the breasts look very dense.

If you don’t like push up bras, you can choose beautiful decorated items that optically increase the sizes of your breasts, no matter if you choose dots, stripes, lace or other kind of decoration.

Victoria’s secret

An important advantage of smaller breasts is that you can easily wear strapless tops, or dresses with open back, it’s enough to put on an invisible nipple cover or shaper.

You have to wear bra every day, if you have larger breasts. It’s good to know that the main strap that holds the weight of your beauties are not those on your shoulder, but the back strap. This is why you have to be very careful when selecting in the stores, try to find a bra that has wide straps on your back, and try to choose one that is exactly your size. Please never use silicon straps, they just look ugly, and there is nothing worse than flashing an old, used, yellow silicon strap in the sunshine.

If you have real big boobs, you can try minimizer bras, which makes your breasts look one size smaller by tying them down to your body. This special bra can be good for turtle necks or skinnier shirts, try it!

We don’t like to talk about it, but some women have breasts that might hang a little lower than others’. Luckily there are bras that are perfect for this type, and makes these breasts look amazing. Well, it’s important to know, which the best shape is for you, so let’s go to a store and try on some different types to see which the best is for you. There are bras which hold your breasts stronger at the sides, while others hold it from under by pushing them a little higher, these are the shell shaped bras.

And now let’s see which are the basic styles that every women should have. We must purchase at least one white, a black and a nude color bra that matches the shape of our breasts. First choose simple styles without any decoration, because you can wear these bras with every different styles of tops. Of course, after these three there are the classic and sexy lace bras that are even so basic.

Et innlegg delt av LaSenza (@lasenza)


If you want to follow the newest trends, you might want to wear some extreme bras that make a statement from under your half shoulder sweatshirt, decorated with embroidery, lace or other stuff. Corset and other sexy lingerie are very trendy these times, especially with high waist skirts, blazers, biker jackets or knitted cardigans.

How to find out your size?
It’s very important to choose a bra which exactly your size is. Determining your size is easy, all you have to know is a short formula and two measures of your body. Bra size contains a number and an alphabet. The number shows the circumference of your trunk right under your breasts, and the alphabet shows how big cup you need. When measuring your trunk under your breasts, you should choose a size which is the closest to your measurement, that is if you measure 77, than you should choose size 75. this is only because the sizes are multiples of 5. -If you want to know which cup to choose, you also have to measure your bust where it is the largest. Thank you have to substract your trunks data from your bust, than you got a number. If that number is under 12, choose A size cup. If it’s between 12-14, choose B. 14-16 choose C and so on.
For example, if your measuress are 77 cm under your breasts and your bust is 92 cm, than your ideal bra size is 75C.

Tip! When you buy a bra, set it to the largest size, because later you will be able to set it closer, and you can use it longer!


Hello dolls,

It took a while my dears, but finally we are here again with a brand new post about 2014/15 Fall/Winter fashion trends. We’ve tried to summarize the most important new manias, so the post is about dresses and accessories that’ll be fashionable this season, prints and colours that conquered the catwalks. What’s more, as always, we’re doing our best to translate these new trends to the beautiful language of every day fashion. So this post can be devided into 6 main units:

In the Classic fall/winter trends part we show you the -all – time classics that you can perfectly combine later on too.
In the next episode called New Trends 2014/15 Fall/Winter you can read about the absolute new-ins eg. rhinestoned sweaters and calf-lenght coats.
The third part contains the trendy Prints and Patterns,
while in the Colours and Shades section we suggest you the most fashionable shades of the season.
Finally – in the All about the shoes part – we look into the latest shoetrends,
and last but not least we show you the most important Jewelleries and other accessories too.

We honestly hope that you will find this lond guide loveable and useful, and also hope that it will help you to think through your Fall/Winter wardrobe and maybe to make a wishlist. Have a good browsing my beautidul dears! 🙂

Fluffy fur vests and coats are the things you can’t skip when it’s wintertime. Without doubt these are one of the most practical Fall/Winter basics since they’re easy to combine, elegant and warm at the same time. You can wear them with almost everything, speaking of skinny jeans or A-lined skirts, so it’s time to find your favourite one 🙂

In the mid-season it’s gonna be useful to have an ‘I’ll just pick up something and let’sgo’ jackets. Mostly they are made of black faux leather, but this year feel free to get them in different pastel colours too. They’re pretty practical: perfectly substitute blazers, cheer up your outfits and help you to survive morging colds. And when it gets warmer during the day, just tie them around your waist. Voila, what a stylish chic!

There’s no need to explain why to have them, knitwears are the alphas and omegas of our winter outfits. Essential and always fashionable basics.


All black from head to toe – the lifesaver fashion tip of our clueless mornings. You just can’t go wrong by using only black: it’s chic, elegant, and super hot all day all night.

This season – beside faux leather jackets and fur vests – calf – lenght or XXL coats are one of the most fashionable winter wears. It seems like it’ll be a long term relationship between this new trend and us since they match fancy with not just high-heels, but slipons and sneakers as well. We just love this trend! 🙂

This fall everything can be trendy with a little zipper decoration. It’s time to wear jeans, faux leather skirts and boots decorated with non-functional zippers. Huge advantage that you can trend up your old skirts with some golden zip at home. Let’s do-it-yourselfs begin!

Welcome back, sweet 60’s! Dolly-bird dresses dominated the fall 2014’s runways and are must-haves today. They’re perfect transitional pieces for this fall since they’re not only easy to combine eg. with biker jackets, denims or knitted cardigans, but comfy to wear too. What’s more, it’s enough to find a beautiful, shinny belt to make the casual dress special and pretty girly.

It’s time to get sophisticated with matching pieces again. Though matchy – matchy used to mean something trite, now it’s allowed to play with colours again. Anyway, it’s still pretty important to be careful when you accord similar shades and patterns – always be imaginative and unique, never boring!

The biggest change in this season’s that statement jewelleries take a bit of back seat, while dresses adorned with jewels such as pearls and rhinestones take the lead. The offer of the stores is really diversed, you can find simpler sweaters decorated with only golden chains and fully rhinestoned ones too.

For the lovers of rhinestones we totally recommend the new collection of Prieston (by Noémi Nagy), her beautiful cocktail dresses are perfect for proms and elegant events. What’s more, we’re very proud of our lovely and talented Hungarian designer who rocked the Fashion Week’s catwalk in Wien and London.

The newest Fall/Winter 2014/2015’s collections were dreamy and imaginative – in a beautiful, bejeweled maxi dress you’ll definitely be the fashion queen of the prom.

Floral prints are not just spring phenomenon any more, they appear this autumn as well. Fall flowers combined with darker shades and earth colors always make your daily looks special and girly.

As for the colors, feel free to move out of your comfort zone and leave the darker shades of brown, black, burgundy or khaki. It’s trendy to wear clothes with more vivid colors. It’s time to cheer up the weather with some neon pulovers and huge, knitted scarves 🙂

It’s not a big secret that my favourite trend of all the mentioned ones is the expansion of pastel shades. Thanks to the newest fashion waves the stores are full of white, nude, baby pink and beige clothes and accessories. Here comes the fluffy pastel fur vests, white pants and super soft beanies and scarves. Yaaay!

This season – as you can felt it at the rhinestoned clothes session – is all about shine and glamour. And as we all know, nothing shines brighter than gold, so it’s high time for golden detailed accessories and clothes: skirts, blazers, dresses and tops to conquer the shops. And our wardrobes for sure.

But don’t forget the main rule: try to wear these statement items with simple , patternless garbs – cause you know sometimes less is more 🙂

Marc Jacobs

As I mentioned above, you can wear bravely everything that shines so bright. Beside the goldmine trend rose gold and silver are still in fashion. In addition – beyond the bejeweled clothes and accessories – the sequined items are back in trend again.

Beside pastel shades and gold rush there are two main colors of the 2014/15 Fall/Winter season: dark blue and emerald green. I think that both of them’re all time classics: so elegant and feminine. Well, let’s welcome them with all of our hearts.

The shoe trend of this season is all about extreme motifs, boldness and specials. Just like the dresses, the decorated and funny high heels are main caracters of the Fall.

Beside bald decoration, in 2014/15 Fall/Winter patterns are also try to be unique: colorful snake prints, shiny golden scales and baroque motifs. Trendy materials are the leather, maybe faux leather.

If you are looking for a comfy, but trendy shoes, slipons are definitely your best friends…

… but if you are in love with feminine boots, don’t stop by the ancle, because this Fall the most trendy boots are way above the knee.

Finally, if you literally want to dress like a fashion maniac, cut out boots is the kind of boots, that you have to wear.

In this season accessory trends are not really contain emphatic jewels. However, statement necklaces (read more about them here >>) and layering mini necklaces (read more about them here >>) naturally are still in fashion. The main reason of the absence of new jewel fashion wave, that the decorated dresses (with golden chains, rhinestones of sequins) are flashy and jeweled enough, and make additional accessories unnecessary.

Even if this Fall’s jewel trends are not so flashy, luckily there is a new and loveable wave, the hat mania. More and more feminine hats appear in the stores in the last weeks. They can perfectly cheer up a simple jeans – top – coat outfits, and can cover a missed morning shampooing for a short time. Don’t forget to wear them! 🙂

This season speciality are pairless earrings. The meaning of this trend is that you should wear a statement (mostly a longer one) in one of your ear, and put nothing in the other but a tiny little pearl.
In our opinion, this style can be really hot with a sideway combed hair or a one shoulder sweater.


Hey beauties,
Welcome here again! Instead of a new daily look, today I’m here with a long, but I think interesting post including the main principles of clean eating, many healthy recipes and some useful cooking tips too. Hope you’ll like this kind of lifestyle post as much as you always like my outfits. The fact is – as I’ve mentioned in my latest My Week in Pictures – I’ve started eating clean several weeks ago, and I really enjoy reform recipes and cooking since then. This article is about the main rules of clean eating, I’m trying to present what I eat day by day, and also trying to show you some of my favourite meals.

The main point of clean eating is avoiding processed and contaminated food i.e. eating the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups, and eating the less of the not-so-healthy ones. So it is about eating food the way nature intended, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables with fiber, vitamins, nutrients and enzymes in them. I connection with that, there are some things clean eating ignores. For example clean eating doesn’t allow white sugar, refined wheat flour or saturated- and trans fats at all. Instead of these unhealthy things, the followers of clean eating choose non-artificial sweeteners (eg. stevia), flour substitutes such as almond flour, coconut flour, oat flour or quinoa flour and only healthy fats like coconut oil. Rice, potatos and noodles as side dishes are also need to be replaces with couscous, quinoa, brown rice or millet.
It is also important that clean eaters eat 5 or 6 times a day. This means small meals for sure, and all of the meals should contain protein (fish, meat, fruits de mer, eggs, pulses etc.) and compley carbohydrates. Another important rules is to drink much water (2-3 liters per day) and ignore soft drinks eg. soda or Coke. Drinking alcohol and smoking is also forbidden.

To sum up, clean eating is not a diet or a calorie-restriction. It is just about eating healthy things to have enough energy to fuel our workouts and any other daily activities.

I’d like to emphasize that I don’t want to persuade any of you to be a follower of this. I think each of us can decide what and how often to eat individually, forcing anyone to follow anything she doesn’t like is bullshit. Just adopt things you like and can do with heart, and forget about things you are uncomfortable with.

On the other hand, the reason I’m writting this article is that I hope it can help all of you to find new ideas among my recipes. It might be interesting for everyone from kitchen-starters like me to talented housewives. Hope you’ll enjoy the post and please feel free to comment and share all your ideas and experiances to me dolls.

There’s no need to present all the great reasons why I love fresh fruits since you’ll probably know them very well. Also no need to talk about all the possible ways we can prepare fruits, the list is endless. So I’ve just brought you my top three ideas, things I eat / drink every single day and can’t be tired of.

Homemade smoothies are perfect if you’d like to replace desserts. They’re not only sweet enough without any added sugar, but also easy to do: just put your favourite fruits into an electric blender, add some yoghurt and ice and woah, yummies are ready to eat!
Fall and winter season has arrived, so please welcome the queen of cold nights called hot fruit tea. My absolute favourite brand of tea is Darlington where the tealeaves contain only real fruits. Try them, you’ll be amazed too, I’m pretty sure!
Though autumn’s already started and it’s getting colder and colder, I still need some refreshment. I usually put some slices of lemon and cucumber (I know I know, it sounds really weird, but it worth to try) into my mineral water, you’ll see it’s better than coffee I swear. And very healthy.


It’s the middle of the summer and the festival season, which makes us very happy because we love to party all night long outside, which we can do only at festivals. Every year we are waiting for our two favorites, Sziget Festival in Budapest and Campus Festival in Debrecen. The last one starts this week at a new location, around the brand new stadium of Debrecen. As festivals get closer we think more about what to wear and what to bring that is practical and trendy at the same time.
In this article we collect a few things that we think are popular these days at festivals among clothes and accessories, and we give some advice what we think you should bring when visiting one here in Hungary or anywhere in the World. Have fun!

One of the most liked and disliked trend this season is hairbands and crowns. It’s not a secret that we love flower headbands, we are pretty sure we will wear some flowers in our hair at the festivals. There is a huge variety of hair accessories, we can choose smaller or larger flowers, colorful or one color. There are different styles in stores like H&M, Bijou Brigitte, Tally Weijl, and of course there are lots of others online. If you have plenty of time, let’s do it yourself! You can create wonderful flower hairbands at home, and there are lots of tutorials on the Internet. Retro head bands are even popular, so if you don’t like flowers but would like to put something in your hair, try that! I saw some of these in Stradivarius for discounted price.

A perfectly chosen hat is not only a great accessory, but it also protects you from the hot sunshine whether you are a girl or a boy. Just like headbands, hats are available in lots of different colors and styles, matching everyone’s taste. Be careful about the size, pick one that never falls, even if you shake your head to the bass. If you are a sports girl, you can ear baseball hats, that would be a great choice too. 😉

Festival sunglasses are usually more extreme than their everyday mates. Shiny colors, huge sizes are welcome, the extremer the better, at least I love catchy styles. This season’s favorite are mirrored lens in every colors of the rainbow, and of course we will probably see a lot of heart shaped glasses, which is one everlasting festival piece.

Perfect choice this season is the crop top which is very popular these days. These shorter tops with high waisted shorts or skirts are loved by young fashionistas festival freaks. Choose one made of comfortable, breathable fabric which is the best in a hot weather like this. Lace, written or tassel tops are as popular as crop tops, choose that you like the most.

If you think crop top lets people see too much, or you think the nights are getting a little cold, you should bring a kimono or thin cardigan with you, just to put it on your shoulder when you need it. These items are easy to fold up, so it won’t be difficult to hide them in your bag. Choose pretty floral patterns, so you can make up the simplest outfit.

During these hot days of summer we suggest skirts, dresses and shorts, which we think is the most comfortable and practical for a festival. In the stores we can find now the ripped jeans style with high waist, the lace, and the extremer spiked or tasseled shorts.
Wear it with a crop top, or a cool tank, so we get a simple outfit which we can spice with some fashion able accessories.

Tassels are very pretty and complete our festival set, and it doesn’t matter whether we wear them on our top, skirt, shorts, or bag. We saw tasseled clothes and accessories in several stores, so you must check in more stores before choosing your favorite. This style is always a come-back, so don’t hesitate to get some, you will need it later! 😉

For festivals we suggest bags which are safe and comfortable. Don’t choose too big, because it might disturb you when you dance at the night, and don’t choose too small, so you can put all your stuff in the bag you need. I would prefer a backpack or a cool shoulder bag, but unfortunately I haven’t found the best match so far.

We think the most important festival accessoris which we take with us this year, are the camera, because the best pictures are always made at festivals! Don’t forget to take enough memory cards and batteries! We must bring our phone with a safe protecting case. We will take our sunglasses with case, some tissues, Orbit chewing gums which are important after the famous traditional Hungarian food, langos, and we take the festival’s programme. We sneak some make-up products in our bags like lipstick and powder. These are enough to fresh our look. We shouldn’t take our everyday wallet, just themost important things, and money, although the biggest festivals like Sziget use their own credit cards so we have to take only that in our pockets.

You just can’t go to a festival without an armparty set of bracelets, necklaces or rings. When you wear earrings and necklaces, don’t forget to choose lighter pieces, because they are more comfortable when you dance. And of course don’t forget to wear lots of rings, it’s fun!

You should bring trainers espadrilles or boots for the evenings, when you watch your favorite band in the crowd. You should also bring a pair of sandals for the days, because they are much comfortable.

Festivals are usually full of extreme and interesting stuff that could be anything coming opposite us in the colorful festival crowd. We let your imagination create these items, wefocus on more useful things we think we should take with us to a festival.

We hope you liked the post, and found it inspiring! Come to some festivals if you like and let’s meet, come and say hi if you see us! We always like to meet you! Have a great party!


Though I used to be an impulsive shopper, nowadays I’m trying to be self-conscious instead, which means I usually search for more alternatives, write wishlists (from where I often erase things for sure), think about other options and finally, when I shop, I decide guardedly. I’m trying to do my best to keep tabs on my reactions and shopping habits in order to avoid buying to many ‘love-at-first-sight’ kindof clothes and accessories that I won’t even wear later on. I’m on my way to focus on practical, easily variable basics, and shop only those clothes that I’ll certainly use when they’ll be out of fashion too. Since many of you’ve already asked to write about money-saving shopping tricks and cheap outfit ideas, I collected my own tips based on my personal experiences. Hope you’ll find them helpful and these lines will also help you to be more conscious, even if we’re all fashion lovers! 🙂

One of the simplest things is comparing the prices. Yes, you’re right, it’s not a complicated tip, but we’re all tend to forget it. Cause when we’d like to buy a new pair of skinny jeans, some basic tops or simple white pants, it should be useful to do some research in order to find the best price. It takes some time for sure, but it can help us to save pretty much money at the end. So if you have time, don’t hesitate, visit all the online and offline shops you like, and compare the prices!

During the research for the perfect item, it’s worth the time looking through the online stores too. Luckily we are more and more who don’t afraid shopping online, because the amazing, huge world of the online stores is multifarious – there are countless opportunities and items, that are unavailable in the local stores. Here are some examples:

For plus – size ladies the collection of the Asos Curve & Plus Size would be a real paradise, you can pick many clothes from the latest fashion trend. If that’s not enough, there are a wide choice of unique accessories, including our favourites, these extraordinary and trendy belts. Asos ships worldwide free, even if you order only one item. I have ordered a lot of times from them, the shipping is fast (maximum 5-10 working days), the quality is high, the page is trustworthy, the costumer service is helpful and always helps you to solve every kind of problem quick. In case of size problems all items could be sent back, but this case buyers bears the costs for sure.

Those, who are looking for cheaper alternatives, Sheinside would be a great choice.There is no secret, this webshop offers mostly Chinese clothes, but in contrast with many of the local Chinese stores these items are not only cheap but pretty fashionable. One part of the products are similar to Inditex clothes, but they have a much lower price and fine quality. We usually order from this shop, and we’re generally satisfied with the quality of the clothes, especially love their basic blouses, cropped tops, faux leather jackets and skirts. Anyway, pay attention by skirts and dresses and look carefully the written sizes, because sometimes you have to order a smaller or a bigger one, than you usually need from other stores.

Another worthy page is Mango Outlet online, where now you can save 20%. The main point on this store that you can buy the former collections of the local shops at a very good price. From my point of view it’s better than offline Mango outlets, because there’re more sizes and greater supply of clothes. Original Mango jewellries from less than 2 EUR, bags from 13 EUR, blazers and jackets from 20-25 EUR.

Moreover, we also love and bravely recommend for instance Forever21, Boohoo, River Island and Choies online stores as well.

Smart shoppers make lists, heft, compare, give points, and later make the final, well-considered decision. Maybe this is the most effective way to avoid buying useless stuff. As a reader I also love blogs, fashion-oriented pages and magazines, and I often felt that I have to buy all the clothes right now without hesitating, or thinking about that it looks good on me, or could I easily combinate them with my wardrobe items. Sometimes I carried home things that I couldn’t even buy by myself.
Then I’ve changed my mind, and developed a new method. Got a little notebook (even if it’s the 21st century and we’re full of electronic stuff I prefer writing down my thoughts), and started to write down my wishes. At the same time I opened an ‘Inspications’ folder on my computer, and saved every look that inspired me. It’s shocking, but if you wait a couple of weeks, dozens of outfits and thereby a dozen of clothes become unwanted. So it’s worth waiting with buying your desired items, thinking through your wishlist a little bit, and finally, getting the necessary things only.

It’s not a secret that our ultimate aim is to emphasize that basic clothes are very important to have in every women’s closet. We think that we all need clothes that are easy to combine and can be used on weekdays, but also great for every occassion. If you’re interested in what kind of basics we recommend for this season, visit our blogpost called BASICS SS14 here >>

Anyway, the best thing in these basic clothes is the fact noone will ever know where we ‘ve bought them. A nice pair of jeans or a beautiful white blouse can be bought at popular stores eg. Zara, in a local Chinese shop or can be thrift-shopped too. No mather where we find our basics, if they fit perfectly, with the perfect accessories we’ll look extra gorgeous and trendy in them. As you look through our fashion blog you can see we have nothing but wardrobe basics – but we always combine them with extraordinary accessories such as bold statement necklaces, oversize cuffs, stacked bracelets, rings parties etc. We all need basics on which we can build our outfits, but also need bold and special accessories to make our look super special! If you prefer safe plays, you should choose pearl necklaces, rhinestoned jewelleries or simple golden blingblings, because probably they’ll never be out of fashion. But if you love to be brave and bold, stay tunned, cause we’ll show you the newest accessories trends soon! 🙂

It’s one of the most common problems that we can’t say no to those cheap and / or beautiful clothes we fell in love with – even if they don’t fit at all! We shouldn’t give these clothes a loving home in our closet, so here are my five shopping tips to minimize unworn purchases:

1, Never buy clothes that are too tight or you can’t wear without Spanx!
Can’t even count how many times I’ve heard (and said for sure) that ‘Omg, that’s so cheap, it’ll perfect after loosing some weight!’ or ‘This time I’ll learn to walk in these beauties!’ But later on we won’t start that diet, and for sure, we won’t wear the perfect high heels instead of walking in our comfy flats. These clothes and accessories will live a sad, lonely life in a dark corner in the back of our closet. And after several years pass, we’ll realize the ugly truth: ‘They’re out of fashion and I don’t wanna wear them at all!’
So this is time to avoid these situations and buy things that fit you perfectly! But don’t forget the most important thing:

2, It needs tailoring and you know you’re the kind of person who never actually gets tailoring done.
So many fit problems can be solved with tailoring, but in order to fix something with tailoring, you have to take it to a great tailor that is so hard to find. What’s more reshaping clothes might be an expensive thing to do, so if you’re not an old roadster in Do – It -Yourself, it’d be better to avoid buying clothes that need repairing or tailoring.

3, Don’t bring clothes home that you don’t know what you’ll wear with!
One of the best things is when we find something beautiful that fits, what’s more that’s not only extraordinary and lovely but cheap as well . So what will we do immediately? Yeah, sure, run to the cashier, bring our new lovie home and can’t wait for Monday to show our schoolmates or colleagues our new purchase. And then, when the new week arrives we realize the disappointing fact: ‘Gosh, I have absolutely no ideas what to wear with!’
So it might be useful to – before buying – think of some outfit ideas with the clothes you’ve chosen. If one or two looks pass through your mind in the changing room, go ahead and buy it! But if not, leave it in the shop. Even if you just think you’d eventually figure out something they go with, but trust me, you never will!

4, Don’t go for it, if it doesn’t look good from the back!
If you try clothes on, always make sure that it looks good from the back and sideways too. Though in mirrors you can watch your front only, people can see everything, don’t forget!

5, Buy clothes and accessories that you can wear confidently!
If you go shopping, always buy clothes and accessories that you can wear confidently in the street later on. If you don’t like cut out tops or short skirts, avoid them! There’s only one important rule: feel comfortable and happy in the clothes you wear! When you have enough time, take some heels or flats into the fitting room too, and try them with the chosen clothes. Find time to walk in front of the mirrors and note your reactions while looking at your shadow. If you’d say ‘Wow, who’s that sexy girl!?’ don’t hesitate, but if you feel like ‘Well, umm, dunno…’ put the most important question up to yourself: ‘Do I want to wear this tomorrow?’


Hello there,
The last few days many new readers joined, so first of all let me thank y’all that you’re always so sweet and kind with us. Thank you guys for being here for more than two years now, thanks for all the lovely comments you leave and also thanks for following our page, love you so much!
We recieved such a lot messages from you recently, in which you asked questions mainly in the following 2 topics:

on the one hand, you asked us to name the most important wardrobe basics,
on the other hand you wanted to know what clothes and accessories you need if you’d like to change your recent sporty style to something more elegant.

Though we’ve already wrote some posts about these things, yesterday I came up with the idea that I creat a new one. This time you can meet some basic clothes and accessories that will be trendy and fashionable in the new 2014 SS season. Anyway, it’s not a trend riport, it’s just a useful guide to help you to do some smart shopping!

Et innlegg delt av crafat (@crafat.usa)


Though biker style was in last year, a stylish faux leather jacket is always a great choice! All fashionistas should own at least one classic black moto jacket. Moreover, they’re pretty easy to combine – on colder days they look perfect under a faux fur vests, but I love wearing mine with girly dresses or skinny jeans and basic tops as well.

This season pastel shades are back, and I’m so happy that they conquer leather jackets too. Actually I’m in love with a lovely babyblue one from Zara now (you can see it on the following picture). What do you think about pastel jackets anyway?

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt the same way, but when spring comes my blazer mania always starts to increase in me. If I could, I’d collect blazers in all the colours of the rainbow! Though it seems a little bit impossible right now, a pastel blazer (eg. a black, white or nude one) is always a good idea – it’s easy to combine and so beautiful to wear.

Many of you wrote us that you used to wear comfy and sporty clothes so far, but now you’d like to make some change and be a little bit more elegant and feminine- just don’t know how to start. Well, buying a nice blazer could be a solid, but clever start! There’s no need to worry, it’ll match perfectly with loafers or a nice pair of flat shoes too, so you don’t have to give up the everyday comfort you love. In addition, blazers are great even for plus-size-women, wear them with pride – just find the perfect cutting that’s the best for your constitution.

It’s worthy thinking beyond the basic colors, cause a pretty blazer can be worn everytime. This spring pastel colours are the big comebacks, so if you keen on buying a practical and trendy blazer, feel free to choose a nude, pastelpink, babyblue, buttercup yellow or a mint one.
Although pastel blazers can be found in such a lot local shops right now, we’d like to also recommend you some online stores like Asos or Boohoo – as far as I can see, they have a wide range of choices as well. (Both stores are reliable, O’ve already tried them – the quality is high and the estimated shipping time is about 1 week.)

Though according to trend riports neon shades will be neglected on this Spring/Summer, it would be a real mistake to banish these amazing colors from your closet. A bold, slightly extended blazer can be a smart choice, cause it’s easy to match eg. with lace dresses and flat sandals, jeans and a nice blouse or even with slim pants and a simple tops – the opportunities are only limited by your imagination! 🙂

Probably there is an endless line of nice shirts and blouses, this time I’d like to emphasise only to basics: denim shirts and graceful blouses. I own both of them for a long time and wear them every year, they’re so easy to combine in every single season. Denim shorts can be found in big numbers at H&M or Stradivarious stores, I’ve bought mine in the second one – highly recommend!

This year – to my great pleasure – wearing buttoned blouses gonna be a huge trend, so the combinations of summer blouses and huge statement necklaces are limitless! Though I bet you have a white blouse for formal ceremonies, (job) interviews and other official events, this year you should buy some colorful ones too! For example I’ve ordered a mint one from Sheinside in the past few days, so excited to get my package, hope it’ll be fine!

However, damaged jeans and flare jeans are huge favourites this time, I think a simple and classic pair of straight or skinny-styled jeans have to be a part of every women’s closet. Take your time to find the perfect one that suits you the best, and do not feel sorry to spend a little more money, because a perfect jeans can be your good friend through the years. Me, I prefer Zara and Levi’s jeans, but everyone has different fav stores to buy jeans. What’s your favourite one?

After owning the perfect jeans you can search for a more trendy one too. This time we suggest you damaged / ripped jeans. This Spring’s slogan is: “Show your knees, baby!”, which means, after longitudinal hole – decorated jeans this time “knee-flashers” gonna be cool!

After classic jeans we should mention another important basic bottom called white pants. On cooler days it’s great with booties, a nice leather jacket and fur vest, but it will be a practical wearing on hot days too, just combine with strappy sandals or sneakers and a loose, comfy blouse.

Probably skirt lover ladies own a multiple type of skirts with different prints, cuts and lengths. But for the rookie dolls it’s very important to start with a comfy and timeless one. For the first time I suggest a simple, black skirt, (it can be A-lined or pencil styled). The main point is the length: choose a suitable length that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

Feel free to choose cotton skirts, but I recommend the faux leather ones too – I bought mine 3 years ago at Stradivarious and it’s still one of my favourites, took part in countless number of outfits as you can remember.

If you ‘re not a skirt – girl – type, but you’d like to wear something more feminine than shorts, I suggest to try an asymmetrical skort (shorts that look like skirt). It was one of the biggest shots of the last Summer, and as far as I can see it will be a huge trend this Summer as well. You can easily find them at almost every online stores, but there are some beautiful styles at Inditex stores (mainly Zara, Stradivarius and Pull and Bear) too.

I bought my white one last Summer and loved it so much that I had to buy a black one on winter too. Both of them are from Zara and probably they’re one of the most worn items of my closet. Love actually!

During the perfect-bag-choosing-method (cause many of us can’t afford to own countless bags) the main aspect are that we need a practical, big one that matches with everything and also a pretty one for special events. So basically the 2 most important types are:

– a huge shopper for schooldays/workdays or for shoppings and other everyday roles;
– an oversize clutch for the not so heavy days. This one can be a perfect accessory for prettier everyday outfits and not to classy events as well.

If we cannot afford a big bag collection, it’s worth to think in simple colors such as different shades of black, gray, brown or nude – they ‘re gonna match with our casual everyday outfits perfectly. The bolder fashion addicts can choose metallic bags (eg. gold, silver, or bronze), they’re as easy to combine as black ones. On the top, in 2014 metallic clothes and accessories are back in fashion, big yay for that!

There are wide range of big shoppers and totes at H&M (approx. 33 eur) and Zara stores, but we suggest to surf on the Internet and shop online too.

Although I’m a statement necklace lover, this is my favourite topic and I could write hundreds of pages about the basic accessories I think we all need, I try to stay on the main point of this article and highlight only 2 types of accessories this time.

First of all, metallic watches are must haves for a long time, speaking of either a relatively expensive Micheal Kors, Fossil or Guess watch or an ‘affordable’ Asos, Bijou Brigitte and Style and Blog one. We can choose from many different styles: we prefer rhinestoned watches, but also in love with the ones with Roman numbers, linkchains or boyfriend style. Just choose the style that matches your personality most.

Michael Kors

The other, unfortunately rarely mentioned must have accessory I’d like to talk about is a great belt. Actually, when we think about accessories belts are not the first things on our mind, but trust me, a well- chosen belt can highlight your advantageous virtue, and divert attention from your less-advantageous places. A colourful belt can break the monotony of a whole-colored outfit, while an extraordinary one can cheer-up a simple jeans-shirt combo.
I show you bunch of my favourite under the next picture, including simpler and extra ones. Thanks to the Asos Curve collection, plus size women can bravely choose extraordinary belts too – luckily many of them are available in bigger sizes as well.

Against common public opinion, women with feminine style don’t have to survive a whole day on high heels!
Women wearing flat shoes can be really elegant and pretty too, and fortunately flats are much more diversified than we’d first think. For example

– we can choose elegant flat sandals,
– comfy balerinas (both lovely, curvy toe caps and pointed -toes)
– stylish boyfriend shoes or
– cool loafers.

Choosing your favourite from them depends only on your style and sense of fashion.

Is we ‘re speaking abour basics, it is important to mention sneakers. The best thing that could happen to weomen: they’re so beautiful with summer dresses, elegant blazer-jeans combos or lazy ripped – festival shorts. Can’t miss it!

Last but not least, even if you’re not a real high – heels – type, you should keep at least one pair of elegant heeled shoes in your closet. From my point of view classic black heels with pointed toe cap and without platform are the most beautiful and useful ones. You can wear them on special occassions, but they’re also perfect on weekdays too. For those who don’t like black, pastel pink or nude high heels can also be a good choice. The main point is they have to be comfortable, so always choose choose heels that are easy to walk in. Even if you wear them infrequently, it is necessary to feel good, walk stably and be confident!

Manolo Blahnik

Hope you find this long summary useful and also hope that guide helps you to pick the right things on your spring/summer shopping tour! If you want, tell me your favourite basics, I am so curious! Have a beautiful weekend babies! Love