Hi there! Only one month is left till it’s spring, and February will be gone fast, so it’s time to collect the newest 2015 spring-summer trends. There are all time classics among the new trends which are present every year, but there are also big comebacks, and of course brand new styles. Come and see what’s new with us, we hope this article will be inspiring for you before the new season shopping trips.

Michael Kors

White shirt that is one of the most classic item, was in focus on several fashion shows, just like denim, which comes this year not only as jeans but also as skirt and top. Stripes were always favorites of designers, but this time they receive even more attention. Stripes come this year in an unusual way to our clothes, and the positioning will be very important. It may seem a little boring, but there is no spring without flowers and lace, these two are very important signs of the new season. Among summer dresses will be the focus on pastel colors and soft flowing materials this year.

Among comebacks there are trends that were present before, and we won’t forget them this year either: crop-tops, fringes, ruffles, military style khaki clothes and metallic shiny items.

Most important color of the year is white with its simplicity and elegance. We will combine white with black or blue. These two combinations were seen on several spring-summer fashion shows. This year it’s allowed to wear white from head to toe, and if you want a truly vibrating, powerful color, choose yellow!

Now let’s see what are the news, the trends that play the main role this season. Everything will be in style that is about Japan, japan motivs, signs, or kimonos will be available in shops and online stores. Asymmetrical clothes, dresses, skorts and skirts will be very popular. We will show our shoulders this time, because off-shoulder or half shoulder tops make our spring-summer outfits exciting. Light trenches will be trendy made of light materials with pastel colors. The new collections bring buttoned up tops like blouses or shirts, turtle neck becomes popular. This spring and summer every clothes with gingham are very trendy. The retro feeling will be compensated with modern cuts. There is one thing left I want to mention. A brand new layering technique is that they pull a skirt on top of trousers. We don’t know yet if this is only for runways, but anyway we have to get prepared. Do you dare to try it?