Coat season is here again! As the weather turns cold, our blazers and jackets are replaced to warmer coats. These are very dominant parts of the fall/winter outfits, that’s why we thought we should create a whole post in which we discuss different colors and styles that are very popular this season.

First we should talk about classic basics. Everybody must have at least one black, elegant coat made of wool or fabric which looks good with almost every winter outfits. This year we can choose colorful styles – baby pink, light pastels or brown.

The popular trenchcoat is back in style, beige or powder pink, ankle or mid-thigh-length. This coat is elegant and simple, yet we can see more and more trenches in sporty, lazy outfits.

One big comeback this year is parka. It is not accidentaly so popular, it’s comfortable, practical and warm, even in the coldest winter days. It’s usually medium long, it has large pockets and hood with fur.


Probably the most popular items this season are wrapped coats with huge collar and a belt made of the coats’ material. These are quite warm wears, because usually they’re made of high quality wool.

In the coldest days the best choice is a feather coat. Although this isn’t the most feminine style, with a belt at the waist line it can be very beautiful. Last year Mango and Zara had beautiful feather coats with belt and nice fur hood. We hope this year will be the same and there will be some eyecatching products in some stores.

Although vests aren’t part of the coat category, we thought we should talk about them anyway, because they are very good in the cold with a jacket or a warm sweater when the weather is not extremely cold. In this season among dark colors we can find lighter shades as well.

There are planty of faux fur coats this year in the stores with different colors and patterns. Don’t forget to wear these coats with skinny bottoms or skirts, so it can make your look chic and classy, while erasing the coats’ strengthening effect.

Oversize is also in style this time. This style creates a rough, lazy look for those who wear it. Be careful! Chose your own size. Oversize means that your own size will look larger as usual!

After styles let’s talk about colors. Of course there is the black, but also powder pink and grey, pastel, light colors, white and brown are classy this season. Lovers of earth shades can be happy, because those shades are very stylish this time.

After colors here are the patterns. Animal patterns, mostly leopard is a great choice, like every fall. It’s feminine but also daring at the same time, this is why some of us don’t like it or wear it only on accessories. If you are curious you should try it with simple pieces, so that the outcome will be chic and nice.

Not only animal patterns, but plaid coats in the colors of the rainbow, and also black and white pieces are good ideas. Which one would you like to wear?

These were this season’s most popular styles, cuts, patterns and colors. We hope that you could find some inspiring tips. The palette is very wide, everybody should find their favorites.

TIP! Always keep in mind, that loose styles should be worn with skinny bottoms, which make the outfits look harmonic. Shorter girls should choose shorter styles, because longer pieces would damage their proportions.

Have a beautiful evening!