Hello there,
The last few days many new readers joined, so first of all let me thank y’all that you’re always so sweet and kind with us. Thank you guys for being here for more than two years now, thanks for all the lovely comments you leave and also thanks for following our page, love you so much!
We recieved such a lot messages from you recently, in which you asked questions mainly in the following 2 topics:

on the one hand, you asked us to name the most important wardrobe basics,
on the other hand you wanted to know what clothes and accessories you need if you’d like to change your recent sporty style to something more elegant.

Though we’ve already wrote some posts about these things, yesterday I came up with the idea that I creat a new one. This time you can meet some basic clothes and accessories that will be trendy and fashionable in the new 2014 SS season. Anyway, it’s not a trend riport, it’s just a useful guide to help you to do some smart shopping!

Et innlegg delt av crafat (@crafat.usa)


Though biker style was in last year, a stylish faux leather jacket is always a great choice! All fashionistas should own at least one classic black moto jacket. Moreover, they’re pretty easy to combine – on colder days they look perfect under a faux fur vests, but I love wearing mine with girly dresses or skinny jeans and basic tops as well.

This season pastel shades are back, and I’m so happy that they conquer leather jackets too. Actually I’m in love with a lovely babyblue one from Zara now (you can see it on the following picture). What do you think about pastel jackets anyway?

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt the same way, but when spring comes my blazer mania always starts to increase in me. If I could, I’d collect blazers in all the colours of the rainbow! Though it seems a little bit impossible right now, a pastel blazer (eg. a black, white or nude one) is always a good idea – it’s easy to combine and so beautiful to wear.

Many of you wrote us that you used to wear comfy and sporty clothes so far, but now you’d like to make some change and be a little bit more elegant and feminine- just don’t know how to start. Well, buying a nice blazer could be a solid, but clever start! There’s no need to worry, it’ll match perfectly with loafers or a nice pair of flat shoes too, so you don’t have to give up the everyday comfort you love. In addition, blazers are great even for plus-size-women, wear them with pride – just find the perfect cutting that’s the best for your constitution.

It’s worthy thinking beyond the basic colors, cause a pretty blazer can be worn everytime. This spring pastel colours are the big comebacks, so if you keen on buying a practical and trendy blazer, feel free to choose a nude, pastelpink, babyblue, buttercup yellow or a mint one.
Although pastel blazers can be found in such a lot local shops right now, we’d like to also recommend you some online stores like Asos or Boohoo – as far as I can see, they have a wide range of choices as well. (Both stores are reliable, O’ve already tried them – the quality is high and the estimated shipping time is about 1 week.)

Though according to trend riports neon shades will be neglected on this Spring/Summer, it would be a real mistake to banish these amazing colors from your closet. A bold, slightly extended blazer can be a smart choice, cause it’s easy to match eg. with lace dresses and flat sandals, jeans and a nice blouse or even with slim pants and a simple tops – the opportunities are only limited by your imagination! 🙂

Probably there is an endless line of nice shirts and blouses, this time I’d like to emphasise only to basics: denim shirts and graceful blouses. I own both of them for a long time and wear them every year, they’re so easy to combine in every single season. Denim shorts can be found in big numbers at H&M or Stradivarious stores, I’ve bought mine in the second one – highly recommend!

This year – to my great pleasure – wearing buttoned blouses gonna be a huge trend, so the combinations of summer blouses and huge statement necklaces are limitless! Though I bet you have a white blouse for formal ceremonies, (job) interviews and other official events, this year you should buy some colorful ones too! For example I’ve ordered a mint one from Sheinside in the past few days, so excited to get my package, hope it’ll be fine!

However, damaged jeans and flare jeans are huge favourites this time, I think a simple and classic pair of straight or skinny-styled jeans have to be a part of every women’s closet. Take your time to find the perfect one that suits you the best, and do not feel sorry to spend a little more money, because a perfect jeans can be your good friend through the years. Me, I prefer Zara and Levi’s jeans, but everyone has different fav stores to buy jeans. What’s your favourite one?

After owning the perfect jeans you can search for a more trendy one too. This time we suggest you damaged / ripped jeans. This Spring’s slogan is: “Show your knees, baby!”, which means, after longitudinal hole – decorated jeans this time “knee-flashers” gonna be cool!

After classic jeans we should mention another important basic bottom called white pants. On cooler days it’s great with booties, a nice leather jacket and fur vest, but it will be a practical wearing on hot days too, just combine with strappy sandals or sneakers and a loose, comfy blouse.

Probably skirt lover ladies own a multiple type of skirts with different prints, cuts and lengths. But for the rookie dolls it’s very important to start with a comfy and timeless one. For the first time I suggest a simple, black skirt, (it can be A-lined or pencil styled). The main point is the length: choose a suitable length that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

Feel free to choose cotton skirts, but I recommend the faux leather ones too – I bought mine 3 years ago at Stradivarious and it’s still one of my favourites, took part in countless number of outfits as you can remember.

If you ‘re not a skirt – girl – type, but you’d like to wear something more feminine than shorts, I suggest to try an asymmetrical skort (shorts that look like skirt). It was one of the biggest shots of the last Summer, and as far as I can see it will be a huge trend this Summer as well. You can easily find them at almost every online stores, but there are some beautiful styles at Inditex stores (mainly Zara, Stradivarius and Pull and Bear) too.

I bought my white one last Summer and loved it so much that I had to buy a black one on winter too. Both of them are from Zara and probably they’re one of the most worn items of my closet. Love actually!

During the perfect-bag-choosing-method (cause many of us can’t afford to own countless bags) the main aspect are that we need a practical, big one that matches with everything and also a pretty one for special events. So basically the 2 most important types are:

– a huge shopper for schooldays/workdays or for shoppings and other everyday roles;
– an oversize clutch for the not so heavy days. This one can be a perfect accessory for prettier everyday outfits and not to classy events as well.

If we cannot afford a big bag collection, it’s worth to think in simple colors such as different shades of black, gray, brown or nude – they ‘re gonna match with our casual everyday outfits perfectly. The bolder fashion addicts can choose metallic bags (eg. gold, silver, or bronze), they’re as easy to combine as black ones. On the top, in 2014 metallic clothes and accessories are back in fashion, big yay for that!

There are wide range of big shoppers and totes at H&M (approx. 33 eur) and Zara stores, but we suggest to surf on the Internet and shop online too.

Although I’m a statement necklace lover, this is my favourite topic and I could write hundreds of pages about the basic accessories I think we all need, I try to stay on the main point of this article and highlight only 2 types of accessories this time.

First of all, metallic watches are must haves for a long time, speaking of either a relatively expensive Micheal Kors, Fossil or Guess watch or an ‘affordable’ Asos, Bijou Brigitte and Style and Blog one. We can choose from many different styles: we prefer rhinestoned watches, but also in love with the ones with Roman numbers, linkchains or boyfriend style. Just choose the style that matches your personality most.

Michael Kors

The other, unfortunately rarely mentioned must have accessory I’d like to talk about is a great belt. Actually, when we think about accessories belts are not the first things on our mind, but trust me, a well- chosen belt can highlight your advantageous virtue, and divert attention from your less-advantageous places. A colourful belt can break the monotony of a whole-colored outfit, while an extraordinary one can cheer-up a simple jeans-shirt combo.
I show you bunch of my favourite under the next picture, including simpler and extra ones. Thanks to the Asos Curve collection, plus size women can bravely choose extraordinary belts too – luckily many of them are available in bigger sizes as well.

Against common public opinion, women with feminine style don’t have to survive a whole day on high heels!
Women wearing flat shoes can be really elegant and pretty too, and fortunately flats are much more diversified than we’d first think. For example

– we can choose elegant flat sandals,
– comfy balerinas (both lovely, curvy toe caps and pointed -toes)
– stylish boyfriend shoes or
– cool loafers.

Choosing your favourite from them depends only on your style and sense of fashion.

Is we ‘re speaking abour basics, it is important to mention sneakers. The best thing that could happen to weomen: they’re so beautiful with summer dresses, elegant blazer-jeans combos or lazy ripped – festival shorts. Can’t miss it!

Last but not least, even if you’re not a real high – heels – type, you should keep at least one pair of elegant heeled shoes in your closet. From my point of view classic black heels with pointed toe cap and without platform are the most beautiful and useful ones. You can wear them on special occassions, but they’re also perfect on weekdays too. For those who don’t like black, pastel pink or nude high heels can also be a good choice. The main point is they have to be comfortable, so always choose choose heels that are easy to walk in. Even if you wear them infrequently, it is necessary to feel good, walk stably and be confident!

Manolo Blahnik

Hope you find this long summary useful and also hope that guide helps you to pick the right things on your spring/summer shopping tour! If you want, tell me your favourite basics, I am so curious! Have a beautiful weekend babies! Love